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Can customer buy credit

The answer is absolutely yes. Firstly, from website frontend clicking to the Account’s name button in top-right, the customer can choose My Credit button in the dropdown list.



After that, the Store Credit page will be shown as follows:



By clicking to Buy Credit button, you will access to Buy Credit Page, where you can buy credit and add it to your store.



There are 3 types of Credit Product, which will be defined by Admin: Fixed Value, Dropdown Value, Custom Value. The customer can choose which is the most comfortable for them to buy.
Credit product with fixed price: With this credit product, the customer can buy only one set amount of credit with only one fixed price.
Credit product with dropdown price: This product allows the customer can choose one of set amount of credit in dropdown list to buy, but set amount of credit is limited with fixed number.
Credit product with custom price: This is the most flexible credit product. Your customer can adjust amount of credit they want to buy by scrolling in limited arrangement or just enter the credit amount into the textbox. The price will automatically sync with the amount of credit.


After selecting credit products they like, Customers can add them to cart and checkout normally. The Customer's credit account will be automatic updated