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Magento2 Extensions, Magento2 Marketplace Extensions by VNECOMS

  • Magento2 Marketplace Extension - Responsive Seller Panel

    Responsive Design

    Seller panel is responsive design

    Beautiful design and easy in use.
    Seller panel can work well with any devices with any screen size.
    Manages store from anywhere and anytime.
    Magento2 Marketplace - Desktop
    Magento2 Marketplace - Laptop
    Magento2 Marketplace - Tablet
    Magento2 Marketplace - Phone
  • Flexible Commission

    Flexible commission

    Marketplace extension manages commissions by rules.

    Set different fee for each of your seller group.
    The fee can be fixed amount or percent of product price.
    You can create multiple multiple fees to seller e.g. fixed $2 + 10% or product price.
    You can set an additional fee for products in a category.
    You can set an additional fee for specified products.
    Flexible commission
  • Services


    Marketplace extension comes with these services.

    1 years unlimited support for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins.
    Lifetime upgrade for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins.
    PRO installation service for FREE for marketplace extension and all plug-in.
    30 day Money Back Guarantee.

The Best Magento2 Marketplace Extension

Our Magento2 Marketplace extension turns any Magento2 store into a thriving online marketplace similar to Amazon. Your sellers will have full control using a Seller Cpanel to manage their own products, sales, invoices, shipments and credit memos. Each of your sellers receives a customizable storefront within your Magento2 Marketplace. As the marketplace owner you earn a set fee for each order received by a sellers. Customers can leave reviews and ratings for sellers every time an order is placed, allowing for a very safe shopping experience and reputable marketplace The Magento Marketplace extension is the most comprehensive solution of its kind.

Build a Marketplace site

4 easy steps to make a success Marketplace Website

Step One

Install Magento2 website

Magento is the world’s most flexible commerce platform to start your marketplace website. You can download it here

Step Two

Get a beautiful Magento2 theme

When visitor access to your website, the first thing he sees is your theme. A beautiful theme will let the visitor decides to continue viewing your website and buy something from your website.

Step Three

Install Marketplace extension

You can install the extension by your self by following some easy steps from the User Manual or you can get Pro installation service from us for FREE.

Step Four

Promote your website and marketing

This is most important thing to make your success. You need to prepare campaigns closely to promote your website to customers..

Features of Marketplace Extension

The following features come with the Magento Marketplace Extension. You can get easily add new features by adding Plugins for the Magento Marketplace extension.


Flexible Commission

The commission is managed by flexible rules. You can apply multiple fees (e.g. $2+ 4% product price) for the seller. You can also apply the fee for a seller group, a seller, a category or an individual product.


Payment Methods

The marketplace extension supports all payment methods that created for Magento2.


Supported Product Types

All default Magento product types are supported: Simple, Configurable, Virtual, Downloadable, Grouped and Bundle. Another product types which is created by third-party extension will be supported by customization.


Seller Groups

Create seller groups which allow you to easily manage a large number of sellers and create tiered fee schedules


Manage Sellers

Marketplace owners can manage all vendors from a single Magento backend.


Manage Seller Attributes

Marketplace owners can easily create custom seller attributes to display in registration forms or profile form.


Manage Registration Form

Marketplace owners can design the form registration from the backend. He can create/sort/delete fieldsets and add/sort/remove seller attributes from fieldsets.


Manage Profile Form

Same as the registration form, Owner can do the same thing with the profile form under My Account section of seller panel.


Credit Transactions

Marketplace owners can manage credit transactions from all sellers using the Transaction manager.


Escrow Service

After customer pay for the order, The funds are held by the escrow service in x day. The held funds cannot be used to withdraw or buy products from the website.


Manage Withdrawal

Marketplace owners will get withdrawal requests from sellers, transfer money to seller manually then mark the request as paid.


Seller Credit Account

All sellers are given their own credit account where they will receive payments from each order. The seller can use his credit to buy products from another seller.


Seller Login

Seller is also a customer. One time logging in for both seller panel and customer dashboard.


Seller Dashboard

Sellers get a personalized dashboard giving them a detailed overview of their storefront.


Responsive Seller Cpanel

Now seller can manage your storefront from any device and anywhere.


Product Management

The seller can easily manage, update & view their own products and inventory.


Order Management

Sellers can manage their business with orders, invoices and credit memos.


Multi-language support

Support for multiple languages. You can just translate all translation files to your language.



The marketplace extension follows Magento best practice code standards and is 100% open source. Only the license part is encoded.


Installation service

You will get the PRO installation service from us for FREE for marketplace extension and all plug-ins (First time only).


Extension support

1-year free support. The license includes unlimited support for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins


Extension Upgrade

Lifetime free upgrade. The license includes upgrading for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins


Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 30 days Money Back Guarantee