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Checkout Promo

Checkout Promo

Displays Promo Banners on any page. Promo Banners are triggered by flexible rules.


Compatible: Magento CE 1.7.x -> 1.8.x

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How It Works

With our Magento Checkout Promo extension you will able to increase your sales by place promo banners to any position on your website, offer for your customer promos which will stimulate them to buy more products from your website.

Magento Checkout Promo support to place promo banners to product page, catalog page and 59 other general pages with 10 predefined positions to place banner on each page.Let check out some of the wonderful features and benefits of the Checkout Promo extension.


Feature Of Checkout Promo

Show relevant promotions to customers.

Magento standard CMS doesn’t allow you to create banners according to specific conditions, So you can not control to display promo banners to the right customers. E.g. your store has promotion which free shipping for all orders with subtotal greater than $100. With our magento Promo checkout extension you can display a banner says "Free shipping for orders over $100" in any page for customer who has subtotal greater than $50 and less than $100.

Encourage your customers to purchase more.

Promote products to your customers by showing promo banners to let them buy it. In example, When customer view a laptop he will see a magento banner says that he willl get 50% off if he buy a mouse.

Unlimited and customizable rules

You can create your own shopping cart price rules to display your promotional messages.

Display promo banners for different customer groups

With Magento Checkout Promo extension can be used as a powerful target marketing tool. Build your marketing strategy  by showing different promo banners for different groups of customers.

Ten (10) predefined block positions on each page

Magento Checkout Promo offers 10 blocks position with three visibility levels (category, product,general).

Ability to place magento promo banners on all pages

You want to display a promotion banner in all page it's very easy with magento checkout promo.

Ability to filter product attributes to place each magento promo banners on certain product pages

You can create catalog rule to select product pages which you want to display the banner..

Ability to add multiple magento promo banners per rule.

You can add multiple promo banners using one rule. E.g. If the rule A is met you display a promo banner in shopping cart and an other banner in checkout page.

Full features from Magento V-Block Extension.

All features from magento V-Block extension is included in this Magento Checkout Promo extension.

Supported Pages

  • Categories
    • Non-Anchor Categories
    • Anchor Categories
  • Products
    • All Product Types
    • Simple Products
    • Grouped Products
    • Configurable Products
    • Virtual Products
    • Bundle Products
    • Downloadable Products
  • Generic Pages
    • All Pages
    • Specified Pages
      • Advanced Search Form
      • Advanced Search Result
      • All Empty Layout Pages
      • All One-Column Layout Pages
      • All Three-Column Layout Pages
      • All Two-Column Layout Pages (Left Column)
      • All Two-Column Layout Pages (Right Column)
      • CMS Home Page
      • CMS Pages (All)
      • Catalog Product Email to a Friend
      • Catalog Product Review View
      • Catalog Product Review List
      • Catalog Seo Sitemap (Category)
      • Catalog Seo Sitemap (Product)
      • Configure Cart Item
      • Configure Wishlist Item
      • Contact Us Form
      • Customer Account Edit Form
      • Customer Account Login Form
      • Customer Account Logout Success
      • Customer Account Registration Form
      • Customer Forgot Password Form
      • Customer My Account (All Pages)
      • Customer My Account Address Book
      • Customer My Account Address Edit Form
      • Customer My Account Dashboard
      • Customer My Account Tag List
      • Customer My Account My Wishlist
      • Customer My Account Newsletter Subscriptions
      • Customer My Account Order Creditmemo View (GUEST)
      • Customer My Account Order Creditmemo View (REGISTERED)
      • Customer My Account Order History
      • Customer My Account Order Invoice View (GUEST)
      • Customer My Account Order Invoice View (REGISTERED)
      • Customer My Account Order Shipment View (GUEST)
      • Customer My Account Order Shipment View (REGISTERED)
      • Customer My Account Order View (GUEST)
      • Customer My Account Order View (REGISTERED)
      • Customer My Account Product Reviews
      • Customer My Account Review Details
      • Customer My Account Tag View
      • Customer My Account Wishlist Sharing Form
      • Customer Shared Wishlist View
      • One Page Checkout
      • One Page Checkout Failure
      • One Page Checkout Overview
      • One Page Checkout Success
      • PayPal Express Order Review Form
      • PayPal Express Order Review Form (Boarding)
      • PayPal Express Order Review Form (UK)
      • Popular Search Terms
      • Quick Search Result
      • RSS Feeds List
      • Reset a Password
      • Returns
      • Shopping Cart
      • Tagged Products List
      • Tags List (All Available)


Predefined Block Position Information

You can place your static blocks to these positions for all pages.

  • Page Top
  • Menu Top
  • Menu Bottom
  • Sidebar Left Top
  • Sidebar Left Bottom
  • Sidebar Right Top
  • Sidebar Right Bottom
  • Main Content Top
  • Footer
  • Page Bottom


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  • 100% open-source
  • Free support in lifetime.
  • Free upgrade in lifetime.
  • 30 days money back.

Demo Information

Let play with our live demo to see how the extension Checkout Promo work.

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