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Easy PDF Invoice

Easy PDF Invoice

Change the look of your PDF invoice using Easy PDF Invoice extension.Support Multiple PDF layout, Multiple language, r-t-l language, barcode,QRcode


Compatible: Magento CE 1.4.x -> 1.8.x

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30-daymoney back
1-year support
Update free
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How It Works

Are you waiting for an extension help you easily in changing the look of your PDF Invoice? We will provide for you the best PDF Invoices generator. With our Easy PDF Invoice extension you can modify your PDF layout by add your own HTML & CSS or you can modify an exist PDF Template which you can purchase from our store.


- Allow you add new invoice template by upload your own HTML template (Ready now!)
- Allow to add Barcode,QR Code to PDF (More detail).
- Multiple PDF layout, you can have different PDF layout for each store and each customer group.(More detail).
- Allow to add Digital Certificate to your PDF file.
- Allow to customize order PDF template
- Allow to customize invoice PDF template
- Allow to customize shipment PDF template
- Allow to customize credit memo PDF template
- Allow to attach order pdf in email
- Allow to attach invoice pdf in email
- Allow to attach shipment pdf in email
- Allow to attach creditmemo pdf in email
- Allow to add customer attributes, product attributes to PDF(More detail).
- Allow to add thumbnail image of products to PDF (More detail).
- Allow to add header/footer for your PDF (More detail).
- Allow to add order comments to your PDF. (More detail).
- Allow to put customer VAT number to your PDF.(More detail)
- Multiple currency
- Multiple language
    - Thai (http://www.easypdfinvoice.com/blog/thai-language/)
    - Chinese
    - Hebrew
    - Vietnamese
Does not work with your language? Please Contact Us
- Right To Left language (More detail)

- Compatible with Aschroder_SMTPPro
- Compatible with Aitoc Checkout Fields (More detail)
- Compatible with Aheadworks Booking and Reservations (More detail)
Does not work with one of your installed extension? Please Contact Us

Demo Information

Let play with our live demo to see how the extension Easy PDF Invoice work.

Customer Reviews

Great Extension, Excellent Support
Just installed your product. Exactly what I needed. Had some problems (overlooked image size) but these were solved same day. You guys rock.
Reviewed by frankingridpet (Magento Connect) on November 5, 2013
Excellent Product, Excellent Support
The product is great as described. I highly recommend this product. Support team helped me all the time I wanted them. They are very helpful. Product solved my purpose in true manner. A+++
Reviewed by vivekbajpai (Magento Connect) on September 4, 2013
Excellent service and perfect magento extensions
I have very good experience with magneto developer. it is very helpful to install Easy PDF Invoice. and it is working perfectly fine. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by Gaurang94 (Magento Connect) on August 13, 2013
Easy to setup and excellent support!
I had extra ordinary wishes for my template and the support helped me very fast and professional.
Reviewed by MediaSign.de (Magento Connect) on August 5, 2013
Excellent Product and Excellent Support
This is an excellent product. Very simple to install and the customisation options are amazing. very easy to have professional looking PDF's.
I asked the developer about being able the generate Credit PDF's and by the next release it was done.
I also had a slight issue with my installation and within 10 minutes the Support Team had fixed my site and resolved my issue. You cannot ask for better service.
Reviewed by Carline (Magento Connect) on July 31, 2013
One of the best plugins I've ever seen
There is everything I needed to customize the invoice PDF template. Also the same options were for Order, Credit Memo and Shipment.
Also the support was immediate and great. If I should reccomend some must have plugin, this would be the one.
Reviewed by shmaicb (Magento Connect) on July 25, 2013
Great extension
Great extension!! Works fine on magento!!!
Reviewed by inavas (Magento Connect) on July 14, 2013
not bad, the free version is quite simple
Not bad extension, but the only thing is the free version is very simple, also the PDF invoice layout is awful. If you want something with a good loking you have to pay, and also you are limited in quantity/month.
Reviewed by tsaong (Magento Connect) on July 10, 2013
Not free as stated!
Although this extension is advertised as free, this is only the case if you have a very basic store, for us there was an extra $99 to pay, plus extra for a pdf template.
Reviewed by ilewis (Magento Connect) on May 29, 2013
Great Extension
Installed easily via the Magento Connect Manager and had the first invoice customized and up and running within a few hours. I would suggest finding their user manual first and using that to walk thru the steps. It was very useful, although not easy to find on their website. Nice job.
Reviewed by cklucky13 (Magento Connect) on April 26, 2013
Great extension, great support
Just wanted to say that the extension does the job perfectly, you are able to completely customize the HTML and CSS that build the invoice templates for free. There are also paid invoice templates available for those without the know-how too.
I made a school-boy error during installation and contacted the developer through the live chat on http://www.easypdfinvoice.com/. The guy who helped me (Hungvt) is great. As I couldn't give him access to the admin panel of magento he suggested sharing screens so that he could investigate the problem. It took him around half an hour but he fixed it in the end and it turned out to be a simple error on my part (an extra space at the end of the API key!).
Not bad considering I've not paid a penny.
Top marks!
Reviewed by stevedeighton (Magento Connect) on April 4, 2013
Installed and configure without problems. Excellent communication with the developer.
Reviewed by geniuspower (Magento Connect) on March 30, 2013
Simple, does what it says it does
Works fine with 1.6.1, no problems installing or configuring.
Reviewed by Geordie101 (Magento Connect) on March 3, 2013
Easy to use extension and great support
Lovely extension, in a few minutes could get my invoices ready and not just that, I could also customize order, packaging slip and credit memo which are then used by default in magento.
With a little of css knowledge you can fully customize any invoice and add most magento values into them.
As for the customer service, i had 3 questions during last week and had the best of the experience with all of them.
Absolutely Recommended.
Reviewed by Grevenilvec (Magento Connect) on February 21, 2013
Lovely extension.
Lovely extension. Easy to install and customise, even for a non-techy. It did conflict with one of my other extensions (delete orders) but the support I got was fabulous and the problem was quickly resolved.
Reviewed by lsm1066 (Magento Connect) on February 7, 2013
This extension is great!
This extension is great!
However, there is a little doubt about the security of orders. We have to send the order information to EasyPDFInvoice.com to process PDF files. So how can you keep our order information private and protected. We don't want to share order info with anyone else, including EasyPDFInvoice.com.
Reviewed by deofoo (Magento Connect) on January 28, 2013

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