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Aramex Shipping- Magento2

Aramex Shipping- Magento2

Integrate shipping method of Aramex to work with Magento 2.x website. The shipping cost will be calculated based on each customer address and item's weight.

Version: 2.0.0

Compatible: Magento CE 2.3.x -> 2.4.x

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How It Works

Aramex Shipping will connect your Magento 2.x website with the shipping service provided by one of the global market leaders in the logistics industry. By enable this shipping method from the Admin panel, the admin will allow customer to ship the product with Aramex.


Connect with Aramex service through API information of Admin

Linking the Magento 2.x with the shipping service provided by Aramex via the API is the first thing of configuration, the freight will be calculated automatically depend on the item's weight and the vendor's location by Aramex. The admin will waste no time for perparing the shipping fee for their product. The API information used for linking with the Magento 2.x will be provided in the Aramex account.

API Configuration
Workflow Configuration

Shipping Methods Management

The website owner will be able to configure the workflow of Aramex shipping method including: Weight unit, Allowed Methods, Allowed Countries, Handling fee...

Possible to create package and print shipping label of Aramex for the order shipped by Aramex

After the order is placed with requirement of using Aramex service for shipping, the admin can review the order and create shipment together with Aramex shipping label. A tracking code will be auto generated during this process and the admin can send it to customer to keep track. The admin can print the Packing slip and the shipping label to put on the goods before Aramex come packing and shipping them.

Shipping Label

Using together with many Shipping methods for Magento 2.x

Beside Aramex, you can choose to install and use many another shipping methods for your Magento 2.x. You and customer will have multi choice for shipping and it will help to improve your website bussiness work.

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