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Featured Products - Magento2

Featured Products - Magento2

in Display most popular products tabs on any page of your website. Support block types: top selling, most reviewed, top rated, most viewed and new products.

Version: 2.0.0

Compatible: Magento CE 2.3.x -> 2.4.x

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How It Works

Featured Products extension allows you create unlimited most popular products blocks and display them on any page of your website. you can select products by defining flexible catalog rules. You can set products to be displayed as Grid, List or Slider. You can sort products by random, product attribute, top selling, most reviews, top rated, most reviewed and created date

Demo Information

Let play with our live demo to see how the extension Featured Products - Magento2 work.

Feature Highlights

For website owner

Manage Featured Products Blocks

  • Add unlimited featured products block.
  • Set additional css class for a featured products block.
  • Set title for each block.
  • Set cache lifetime for featured products block.
  • Set option to enable/disable block.
  • Filter products by current category.
  • Filter products by flexible catalog rules.
  • Three different templates to display products: Grid, List and Slider.
  • Set the option to limit number of products will be shown in block.
  • Sort products by random, product attribute, top selling, most reviews, top rated, most reviewed and created date.
  • Many additional options when you choose slider template.
    • Number of rows.
    • Number of columns for each screen size(1200px, 992px, 768px, 480px and less than 480px).
    • Margin items.
    • Enable loop - duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion.
    • Slide By
    • Enable autoplay
    • Autoplay timeout - autoplay interval timeout (mini seconds).
    • Autoplay Hover Pause - Autoplay will be paused on mouse hover.
    • Autoplay Speed

Featured Product Widget

  • Add widgets to display featured products block on any page.

For Customer

  • Easy to view most popular products on featured products blocks.
  • Load products list by AJAX.
  • Multiple featured products block can be displayed in one page.

Other Features

  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Support multi-currencies.
  • Support multiple-languages.
  • 100% Open source (only license part are encoded by ioncube).
  • License is applied for one magento installation and unlimited test/development magento installation (contact sales to get the developer license key).

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Changes Log

Version 2.0.0

2017, Jul 30

  • Release the stable version for Magento 2.x.