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Store Credit - Magento2

Store Credit - Magento2

Extension allows you to make an electronic purse on your website, where your customer can buy and store the credit for shopping or getting refund instantly.

Version: 2.0.1

Compatible: Magento CE 2.3.x -> 2.4.x

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How It Works

Extension allows the admin to add a function to their magento website, which can create and manage the customer's credit using for payment on the website directly. The admin can also create the credit-product to put on sale or can give credit to customer as promotion and can refund for customer direct to their . The customer can buy the credit product, then use credit to buy the product on website much quickly. Beside, the customer can get the refund for cancellation order by credit and re-use it to continue buying another product without pending time like before.

Refund using Credit

When customer send a refund request instead of transfer money back to customer, admin have new option to refund to customer by credit. Customer can use this credit to buy other products from the website.

Refund by Credit

Buy Credit

You can motivate Customers to keep their cash as in your website by selling credit product with a good rate. In example customer can buy $100 for just $90

There are three different credit product types: Fixed Value, Dropdown Value and Custom Value

Add Product Credit - Fixed Value
Product Credit - Fixed Value
Add Product Credit - Dropdown Value
Product Credit - Dropdown Value
Add Product Credit - Custom Value
Product Credit - Custom Value

Customer Uses Credit

Customer can use credit to buy products on the store.

Customer Use  - Checkout
Customer Use  - Shopping Cart

Add or Subtract Customer's Credit

The credit extension provide for you new way to discount your customer. You can add some credit to your customer to encourage your customer to buy your product.

Customer Use  - Checkout

Credit Dashboard

You can have an overview about system. Here you will see total credit, total spent credit, total sold credit number of customer with credit, last transactions.

Customer Use  - Checkout

Demo Information

Let play with our live demo to see how the extension Store Credit - Magento2 work.

Feature Highlights

For website owner

Make you website more powerful and more attractive to customer
  • Easy to install and fast to get it in use

    Just follow only few steps in our Installation guide document to setup the module then Membership extension will work perfectly with your website based on Magento 2.x .
  • Easy to create and manage Credit product

    Credit product is created by the same way with any normal product, with some attribute for admin can adjust the value of credit a customer can add to their . This design help the admin can manage the credit product easier
  • Easy to manage Customer, who is using

    With friendly-user interface, you can quickly have the report of using credit on the website from Credit Dashboard, You can also find the customer, who is using credit and his history transaction


For Customer

Let your customer experiences the shopping style of 21th century on your website
  • Making a new shopping experience

    You customer can buy and add credit value with good price and then use it for purchasing the order on website
  • Getting refund instantly for cancelation order

    Your customer can get the refund for cancelation order direct to their credit store and start shopping again without pending time.
  • Easy to manage on customer dashboards

    In the Customer Dashboard, a menu is created for customer can manage their , your customer can add more credit right in the dashboard
  • Easy to do payment with credit

    Your customer can use credit to buy product on website easily

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Changes Log

Version 2.0.3

2019, July 30

  • Disable store credit if customer is not logged in.

Version 2.0.2

2019, May 29

  • Update the credit group config.


2019, March 28

  • Fixed an issue the transaction description is not showing html tags in credit dashboard (admin)