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If I buy a magento extension, how would I get it?

After you purchase a magento extensions, the order will appear in the "My Orders" section of your account dashboard page:   After you complete the…

Can i customize the purchased pdf template?

Yes, You have full access to purchased pdf templates.You can customize purchased pdf template css by adding them in Additional CSS textarea in Addition CSS…

Can i set price for wrapper?

Yes, you can set price for each wrapper. So clients will be charged an additional fee for wrapper.  

Does PDF Invoice Pro magento extension support for multiple store?

Yes, with PDF Invoice Pro magento extension you will able to create different pdf invoice layout for each of your magento store.

Can i attach the PDF invoice to notification email?

Yes,with PDF Invoice Pro magento extension  You can add the PDF file as attachment of order, invoice, shipment, credit memo notification emails. You can al…

How to enable a product for gift wrapping.

With Magento Gift Wrap extension, there are two ways to enable products for gift wrapping. Enable gift wrapping for individual product From magento admin page…

Can I cuztomize the confirmation box of Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension?

 Yes, with Magento Ajax Cart Pro extension you have many setting to cuztomize the comfirmation box . first You need to login magento admin ,…

Can I change the file name of the PDF invoice?

Yes,With PDF Invoice Pro magento extension you can change the format of all pdf file name when print an order, invoice , shipment, credit memo…

Where can I find the extension license key?

After you purchase magento extensions you will get the notification email with the license key. You can also get the license key by login to…

Is it possible to have different pdf invoice for each of my customer group?

Yes, the PDF Invoice Pro magento extension allows you to create different pdf invoice layout for each of your customer group.

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