I. Overview

With Banner Manager plug-in of Magento marketplace extension vendor is allowed to manage images banner on their website. He will be able to add images and put them to any position of his page. The Banner Manager plug-in supports for add image slider too

II. Manage Banners

From Vendor Cpanel go to menu CMS-> Banner Manager -> Banners

Click Add Banner to add new banner

Identifier: This field is used to identify the banner. Title: The title of banner. Status: Enabled/Disabled Description: Some text to describe about the banner.   Type: Banner type, the extension supports many banner type. Effect: Effect of banner. Display Description: You can use this option to display description of banner on frontend. Width:Width of the banner. Height: Height of the banner Delay(ms): This option is used for banner slider that is the time for banner slides to next image.   Banner Items: this tab display all banner items of the banner.   Implement Code: Display the code to use on static page or staic block.

III. Manage Banner Items

From vendor cpanel go to menu CMS -> Banner Manager -> Items

Click Add Item button to add new banner item. Each banner item will be an image. You may need to set the banner for banner item so the banner item will be displayed inside banner. You can set start date and end date for the banner item. Implement code is used to add the banner item (image) to static page or static block.
Best Regards, VnEcoms Team