I. Overview

Vendor Tax plugin allows vendors to manage their own tax for their goods.

II. Manage Product Tax Classes

Vendor can add unlimited tax classes. With this vendor can have different tax or each type of his product.

From vendor cpanel go to Sales -> Tax

Click to New Product Tax Class button to add new class.

  • Class Name: The name of tax class.
  • Tax Rates: You can add multiple tax rates for current tax class.
  • Tax Identifier: this identifier will be used to display on tax summary.
  • Country: the country wich you want to apply the rate.
  • Region: the region wich you want to apply the rate.
  • Zip/ Post Code: The rate will be applied for only this post code. leave blank to apply for all zip/post code.
  • Rate Percent: the rate.
  • Priority: Priority of the rate.

III. Assign Tax Class to product

Edit a product, on Prices tab you will see the dropdown field called "Vendor Tax Class". Select the tax class from dropdown and click save button.

Best Regards, VnEcoms Team