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Vendor Membership

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Vendor Membership

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Quick Overview

Vendor Membership plug-in helps you create different membership packages with different fees and benefits. After paying the membership fee, vendor will be assigned to a vendor group. Each vendor group will has it own commission and permission.

Product Description

Vendor Membership plug-in allows you can charge your vendor monthly free. In the default vendor account will be expired after x month(You can change this option from configuration). Vendor can upgrade/renew his account by buy a package product. Each vendor membership package will be a virtual product with two attribute "Related Vendor Group","Period(months)". After vendor pay for the membership package he account will be upgrade to corresponding group and the expiry date. If the vendor is already in the group, system will update the expiry date only.


  • Vendor Membership allows Administrator to create vendor groups  with many packages, set price, duration for each package.
  • Each package will be related to a vendor group so after vendor purchase the package his account will be upgraded to corresponding vendor group.
  • Each Vendor Group has it own commission price (fixed price or percent of order total). If you buy Advanced Vendor Group you will able to set permission for each vendor group e.g.  FREE package can only add 20 products, do not allow to manage static page and static blocks, ...
  • Vendor will be notified if his account will be expired within 7 days.
  • Vendor can see expiry date any time from his account information.
  • One vendor purchase a membership package his account will be upgraded immediately.
  • Administrator can create a static page to list all package to allow vendor compare

Doc & Help


Knowledge Base

Installation Guide

Step 1: Disable Compilation.

-         Log into Magento Admin Panel and go to System -> Tools -> Compilation and disable the compilation.

-         After last step you can run the compilation process again.

Step 2. Upload package files.

-         Extract the extension package.

-         Upload all files and folder inside the step1 folder to your magento root folder.

-         After all files in step1 folder is uploaded, upload all files and folder inside the step2 folder to your magento root folder.

Step 3.  Clear cache.

-         Go to System -> Cache Management. Clear the store cache.

Step 4. Clear cache.

-         Go to System -> Cache Management. Clear the store cache.

Step 5. Re-login.

-         Log out and log back into Magento Admin Panel.

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