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The Best Magento Marketplace Extension

Our Magento Marketplace extension turns any Magento store into a thriving online marketplace similar to Amazon. Your sellers will have full control using a Vendor Cpanel to manage their own products, sales, invoices, shipments and credit memos. Each of your sellers receives a customizable storefront within your Magento Marketplace. As the marketplace owner you earn a set fee for each order received by a sellers. Customers can leave reviews and ratings for sellers every time an order is placed, allowing for a very safe shopping experience and reputable marketplace. The Magento Marketplace extension is the most comprehensive solution of its kind.

Magento Multiple Vendors Marketplace Script

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Don't take our word for it! Here's what some of our awesome customers have to say.


I've compared the marketplace from Vnecoms with similar proposals from other companies before purchase. In the end, I chose this app. Some advantages: friendly interface for the vendor, vendors are allowed to manage their invoices and shipments, use attributes. And it's all included in the standard features. The installation (marketplace and plug-ins) went without problems, support team quickly fixed some minor bugs. Thanks to application developers.


Thank you for such an excellent marketplace. I did not expect it to set-up so easily, I'm very satisfied. Will definitely rate it a 5 star and purchase again. Thanks.

Adrian Thompson

After trying a number of other multiple seller extensions and not getting them to work just right, I gave this one a try and this is how an extension and support should be. There was a couple of minor twitches that needed sorting after install and it's hard to express how fantastic the support is for this product. Nothing was too much trouble and everything fixed / improved promptly. I even suggested an improvement for future updates and this was implemented without me even asking! Also, I asked for some specific functionality which I could have had done for free but that wouldn't have survived any upgrades, so I chose to pay a very small amount for a plugin and am extremely happy with the result. Now that I've tried a few multi seller / vendor extensions, I thought a couple of things are worth mentioning which make this plugin better that doesn't perhaps come across in the promotional material: 1. In order to allocate a product to a seller with some of the "cheaper" options, you must first go through their customer account which after install takes an age (around 20 seconds) to load and then find the product out of a list which is a big job. This all takes too much time. With this extension though, all you do is enter the seller ID in the product admin and a couple of other settings and your done. It's so fast. 2. With other extensions like above, finding products belonging to sellers is also terrible and takes forever. However with this extension, all you do is type the seller ref in the SKU field (the extension changes the sku slightly) and that's it. You can find the products quickly within the product grid in admin. 3. This is a great extension which can be installed after your site is live because there is a way to manually add commission due to a seller. 4. I use a point of sale system on an iPad (this one if your interested: and I know at least one multi seller (probably more) won't work with POS for some reason. This extension works perfectly even if like me you have a physical store as well as an online store and use a POS to create the orders. These points are on top of what you would expect to see and everything advertised works perfectly. I would highly recommend this plugin and the support is simply fantastic. Adrian

Asher James

Since I started working with VnEoms, I realized that this the right decision I made. The marketplace includes most features and extensions which requires to go live without wasting time in longer under development phase. I requested my customized features and those are done very well efficiently. I'm well satisfied and happy with the job done, especial thanks to Hung VT and his team, THUMBS UP. I will definitely continue working with this team in future and I'm sure they will not make me down and will continue producing quality job with great support. James


Here's how it should be an extension and support. There are always minor changes needed to be done after install and is difficult to express how fantastic support for this product. Nothing was too much trouble and everything fixed / improved rapidly. There are a few things worth mentioning makes this plugin better than it does perhaps come across in promotional material: * To assign a product to a customer, all you do is enter the vendor ID in the administration of the product and a couple of other settings and go. It is so fast. This also makes finding products that have been assigned a lot faster too, because a quick search on the net products can do. * This is a great extension that you can install after your site is live, because there is a way to manually add commission due to a vendor. I highly recommend this plugin and support is just fantastic. Alejandro

Vinay Kumar

Hi Want to share some plus points of the this extension. I had installed 3 marketplace extension before installing VneComs Marketplace Extension. And believe me all others extensions are useless. I can bet this one is the best one I got in terms of every major and minor features, in addition we will get unlimited support which is totally worth. Support is simply awesome. There are small issues after installing the extension. These are guys are always ready to help :) A big thanks to support Team I am going to recommend this marketplace extension to other 100%. Thanks

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Ghanshyam Pareek

Really very good plugin comparitive other Companies, We are happy with service and support also with features, Support team is very cooperative, slightly slow support but behavier, and tried always to understand my problem and always given proper support. Thanks Vnecoms

Balu RV

I am very much happy that we purchased this extension. It easily converts our store to a multi vendor marketplace. Most importantly the product upload feature is neat, easy to understand and simple. This will even help a newbie vendor to upload products easily. I have been researching for almost 1 year to find a worthy marketplace extension. And the wait was worth it !!! There were some technical glitches when our inhouse developers tried to install this extension, but the service guys at vnecoms were able to resolve the issues within a day. I am hoping that vnecoms will be coming up more pluggins that will help our ecommerce store get good mileage among Indian counterparts.

Cody King

Absolutely horrible. I cannot exaggerate how poor this company does at customer service and developing a quality extension. The onboarding documentation is poorly written, confusing and not thorough. Their extensions are buggy, difficult to use and do not work properly. The installation job they do is half-assed and it takes forever to get a response from anyone in customer support. Honestly, I think this company is just one person in Vietnam who started this company 5 years ago and doesn't do any more work for it other than the absolute minimum effort. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID

Standard Features of our Marketplace Extension

The following features come standard with the Magento Marketplace. You can get easily add new features by adding Plugins for the Magento Marketplace extension .


Extension Modes

3 different extension modes to customize your ordering experience

Supported Payment Methods

A variety of payment methods are currently supported and this list grows everyday.

Supported Product Types

We support the largest number of magento product types.

Vendor Groups

Create seller groups which allows you to easily manage large number of sellers and create tiered fee schedules

Manage Vendors

A marketplace owners can manage all vendors from a single magento backend.

Manage Vendor Attributes

Marketplace owners can easily create custom vendor registrations forms.

Manage transactions

Manage All credit transactions from all vendors using the Transaction manager.

Custom Store Fronts

Sellers can easily customize their store fronts using a guided graphical user interface

Seller Login

Separate vendor and marketplace administrator login for added security.

Seller Dashboard

Sellers get a personalized dashboard giving them a detailed overview of there store front

Responsive Vendor Cpanel

Now you can manage your storefront from any device and anywhere.

Vendor Credit Account

All sellers are given there own credit account where they will receive payments from each order.

Vendor Product Management

Vendors can easily manage and view their own products and inventory

Vendor Order Management

Vendors can manage and view their store fronts orders, invoices and credit memos.

Multi-language support

Support for multiple languages is available.

Open Source and Customizable

The marketplace extension follow magento best practice code standards and is 100% open source.

Extension support

For a limited time the license includes unlimited support for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins.

Extension Upgrade

For a limited time the license is includes unlimited upgrade for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins

Money Back Guarantee

As with all our magento extensions, we provide a 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Additional Plugins For Our Magento Marketplace Extension

The following plugins have been released to extend the functionality of any Magento store using our Magento Marketplace extension. Check back frequently as we are always adding new plugins to extend the boundaries and limits of our Marketplace extension.


Paypal Adaptive Payments

Paypal Adaptive Payment allows website owners to accept payments between a customer and one or more receivers of the payments

Vendor Membership

Assists in creating different membership packages with different fees and benefits. After paying the membership fee, seller will be assigned to a seller group. Each seller group will have its own commission structure and permissions.

Vendor Multiple Flatrate Shipping

Allows vendors to create and setup multiple flatrate shipping methods.

Vendor SubAccounts

A marketplace owners can manage vendor sub accounts and set permissions for them to access only there vendor storefronts.

Vendor Tax

Assists vendors in managing their respective tax rates for their individual requirements.

Vendor Homepage

Vendors will have their own unique storefront allowing them to uniquely brand their storefronts.

Content Management System

Provides a seller with features to manage their own static content. Seller scan add unlimited static pages and blocks which can be used for Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions, Customer services. Static blocks can be positioned in a wide range of areas throughout the storefront.

Vendor Categories

The Categories plug-in allows sellers to add unique categories for their specific need. With this feature buyers can easily navigate and find products in the seller's store front.

Vendor Advanced Group

A marketplace owner is given the ability to set limitations and rules for each vendor group.

Vendor Master Password

The Master Password Plugin allows the marketplace owner to login to any seller account using a master password. This master password can be set from admin configuration. This is very useful for supporting the vendors.

Vendor Reviews & Rating

The Review plugin allows customer to leave reviews for vendors after a purchase is made. Other customers will be able to see all reviews/ratings of vendors. This is very similar to the rating system seen on EBay and Amazon.

Vendor Reports

The Reports plugin allows vendors to obtain sales and statistical data regarding their specific storefront.

Select And Sell

The Select And Sell plug-in helps vendors create products very quickly by copy & modify data from exist products.

Price Comparison

A valuable tool that helps customer compare prices between vendors selling the same products.

Vendor Message

The plugin adds an internal messaging system to the vendors dashboard which allows the vendor to communicate directly with their customers. An excellent way to provide better customer service.

Vendor Featured Products

Allows vendors to feature and display products on their storefronts homepage, category page or any of other static page. The vendor simply needs to edit the product and set the featured attribute to Yes.

Live Chat

With the Livechat plugin vendors can communicate with customers in real time. This is a must have plugin for any marketplace owner.


The API plugin provides vendor with the ability to control their page by providing calls for working with resources such as categories, products, and sales orders.

Mass Import/Export Products

A tool that allows vendors to add a large number of products to his store quickly instead of one by one. It also supports the mass import/export of product stocks.


Facilitates, controlls and tracks the return or exchange of items sold to customers.

Favourite Vendor

The Favourite Vendor plug-in provides a feature that allows customer to add a vendor stores to his favourite shops list with in there profile.


A simple way for customer gets support from vendors. This plug directs customer to the vendors contact page.


The Notification plug-in helps marketplace owner to send notifications to all vendors, a small group of vendors or an individual vendor. The notification messages will be displayed on vendor cpanel.

Search By Vendor

This plug-in allows customers to search products within a specific vendors storefront. The search will return only products from the specific vendor selected.

OneStep Checkout

Reduce the 6 Magento checkout steps to 1. Increase your conversions by reducing the time it takes to checkout.


The popular Auction plugin allows vendors to sell products in an auction style similar to Ebay.

B2B Quotation

The Quote plug-in adds the possibility to request quotes from a vendor products or services instead of adding them to the cart.


The Deal plugins allows vendors to create and manage deals for products on the storefront very professionally.

Banner Manager

Vendors can add static images banners or image banner sliders on their storefronts to a variety of positions within a page.

Store Locator

An amazing tool for sellers who have physical locations. The plug-in allows sellers to display their store addresses on the map.

Advanced FAQ

An effective way to improve customer experience and reduce repeat inquiries. Vendors can create a list of question and answers from within there dashboard

Vendor Attribute Options

With the Vendor Attribute Options plug-in vendors are able to add new option values for dropdown or multiple select attributes.

Add Product Form

A tool that allows sellers to add products easier and more efficiently.

Vendor Billing

Provides each seller with a unique billing account. After customer pays for an order the system will calculate commission and add it to vendors billing account. Vendors is going to pay for marketplace owner any time.

Vendor News

Vendor news plug-in allows vendors to display news on his page. The plug-in has a number of flexible options including the possibility to create categories, add comments to each news item, add pictures to news and much more.

Vendor Vacation

Allows vendors show a notice message on their store/product pages if they are on vacation. Very similar to the feature used on Amazon called Vacation Mode.

Responsive Vendor Cpanel

The responsive Magento Marketplace extension allows sellers to manage their products, orders and customer service from any device and from anywhere, anytime.