I. Overview

Vendor Table Rates is a shipping method for marketplace extension that allows vendor to charge shipping fee to vendor based on weight, number of items or value of the order and the buyer shipping address.

II. Configuration

From admin cpanel go to menu System -> Configuration. Click to Shipping Methods tab. Click to "Vendor Table Rates" to explain the field set.

  • Enabled: This option is used to activate or deactivate the shipping method.
  • Title: The title of the shipping method.

III. Vendor Table Rates Shipping Configuration

From vendor's cpanel click to Configuration top link then click to Shipping tab to setup his flat rate shipping.

Vendor can add multiple flatrate to charge customer.

  • Enabled: Vendor can enable/disable the shipping method
  • Condition: There are 3 conditions.
    • Weight vs. Destination: vendor can charge shipping cost based on the weight of all items and the destination.
    • Price vs. Destination: vendor can charge shipping cost based on subtotal and destination
    • #of item vs. Destination: vendor can charge shipping cost based on number of item and destination.
  • Export: Vendor can export all shipping configuration to csv file.
  • Import: Vendor can use this feature to import the table rates.

IV. Customer select vendor shippings

After add product to cart customer can select shipping method for each vendor.

Vendor can see shipping summary on the totals box.

V. Support

If you need support or have questions directly related to Marketpace extension, please use our Online Message Form to contact our support team or send us an email at: support@vnecoms.com.

Best Regards, VnEcoms Team