Plugins for Magento2 Marketplace Extension

These below plugins are released to add more features to your Marketplace website which is using our Marketplace extension. You can select the plugins that best meet the needs of your store or install all of them to have the most powerful Marketplace website. Please note that these plugins can only work with one of Magento Marketplace Extension edition.

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  1. Magento2 - Vendor Mass Import Export Products

    Magento2 - Vendor Mass Import Export Products

    Vendor Mass Product Import/Export is a plugin made for Vnecoms Marketplace extension, which allows the vendor to use a spreadsheet to create or update his products in bulk. Learn More
  2. Magento2 - Paypal Express Parallel Payment

    Magento2 - Paypal Express Parallel Payment

    Paypal Express Parallel Payment plug-in allows customer to pay directly to seller via paypal. Learn More
  3. Magento2 - Stripe Payment for Marketplace

    Magento2 - Stripe Payment for Marketplace

    Stripe - a very popular payment methods - now is available on Magento with Vnecoms Stripe Payment Gateway extension. Stripe Payment for Marketplace plug-in allows customer to pay directly to seller via stripe. Learn More
  4. Magento2 - Master Password

    Magento2 - Master Password

    Masster Password Plugin allows admin can login to any vendor account using a master password. Admin can defind this master password from admin configuration. Learn More
  5. Magento2 - Vendor Coupon

    Magento2 - Vendor Coupon

    With Vendor Coupon extension, vendors can create unlimited coupon code and send it to their customer. The discount will be applied for only products from the vendor who created the coupon. Learn More
  6. Magento2 - Vendor Advanced FAQ

    Magento2 - Vendor Advanced FAQ

    Advanced FAQ plugin is an effective way to improve customer experience and reduce customer related enquiries. Vendor can create a separate list of question and answer, which is specific to a particular category. Learn More
  7. Magento2 - Vendor Table Rates Shipping
  8. Magento2 - Vendor TAX

    Magento2 - Vendor TAX

    Vendor Tax plugin allows vendors to manage their own tax for their goods. Learn More
  9. Magento2 - Vendor RMA

    Magento2 - Vendor RMA

    Vendor RMA plug-in is a powerful tool for managing, processing return and exchange requests between vendors and customers. Allowing your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your marketplace website Learn More
  10. Magento2 - Paypal Adaptive Payment

    Magento2 - Paypal Adaptive Payment

    Paypal Adaptive Payment plug-in allows customer to pay directy to seller via paypal. Learn More
  11. Magento2 - Banner Manager

    Magento2 - Banner Manager

    With banner manager extension, seller can setup a banner slider and display it in seller home page. Learn More
  12. Magento2 - Stripe Payment Gateway

    Magento2 - Stripe Payment Gateway

    Stripe - a very popular payment methods - now is available on Magento with Vnecoms Stripe Payment Gateway extension. From now on, your business can accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. from customers in every country in 135+ currencies with a very simple pricing model that merchants can greatly benefit from. Learn More
  13. Magento2 - Advanced Group

    Magento2 - Advanced Group


    Advanced Group is a plugin of Magento2 marketplace extension. With this, the marketplace owner can set limitations/privileges for each vendor group. For example, every vendors in group "Bronze" can add only 20 products and are not allowed to manage their own categories...This plugin combined with Vendor Membership will help the marketplace owner to make more money from his Membership program.

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  14. Magento2 - Price Comparison

    Magento2 - Price Comparison

    Price Comparison extension is made in response to the shoppers, who typically have already made the decision to buy a product and are simply looking for the best deal by allowing different vendor to sell a same product with different price. This extension will also give each vendor in marketplace an opportunity to attract new customers, increase sales, and go head-to-head against the competitor. Learn More
  15. Magento2 - Vendor Home Page

    Magento2 - Vendor Home Page


    With Vendor Home Page plug-in, vendors will have his own page to display his information and products.

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  16. Social Login - Magento2

    Social Login - Magento2

    Magento 2 Social Login extension allows customer and seller logins quickly using their social account. Learn More
  17. Magento2 - Vendor CMS

    Magento2 - Vendor CMS

    Vendor Content Management System plug-in allows vendor to manage his static content and static pages. Vendor will able to add unlimited static pages and add static blocks to any position on his homepages. Learn More
  18. Magento2 - Vendor Vacation

    Magento2 - Vendor Vacation

    Vendor Vacation plugin allows vendors to show a notification message on their store/product pages and temporary disable all their product when they are on vacation. Learn More
  19. Magento2 - Vendor Multiple Flatrate Shipping

    Magento2 - Vendor Multiple Flatrate Shipping

    Vendor Multiple Flatrate Shipping plugin allows vendor to setup multiple flatrate shipping. Learn More
  20. Magento2 - Search by Vendor

    Magento2 - Search by Vendor


    Search By Vendor is a plug-in of magento multiple vendors extension which allows customer can search product inside vendor store. The search will return only products from current seller.

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  21. Magento2 - Vendor Categories

    Magento2 - Vendor Categories


    plug-in allows vendor can add his own categories. With this feature customer will search products easier from vendor store.

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  22. Magento2 - Vendor Reports

    Magento2 - Vendor Reports

    Vendor Reports plugin allows vendor to obtain sales information. This is very helpful tool for vendor to conclusions about the status of vendor store. Learn More
  23. Magento2 - Vendor Attribute Options

    Magento2 - Vendor Attribute Options

    Vendor Attribute Options plugin allows vendor can add new option values for dropdown or multiple select attributes Learn More
  24. Magento2 - Vendor Featured Products

    Magento2 - Vendor Featured Products


    Featured Products plug-in allows seller to set his products as featured and display it to seller's homepage.

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  25. Magento2 - Vendor Membership

    Magento2 - Vendor Membership

    Vendor Membership plug-in helps you create different membership packages with different fees and benefits. After paying the membership fee, vendor will be assigned to a vendor group. Each vendor group will has it own commission and permission. Learn More
  26. Magento2 - Vendor Message

    Magento2 - Vendor Message


    Bringing Contact Us feature to vendor dashboard so vendor will be able to receive and answer message from customer asking for information about their product and service.

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  27. Magento2 - Vendor Reviews

    Magento2 - Vendor Reviews


    Vendor Review plug-in allows customer to leave reviews for a vendor after buying a product from that vendor. Other customer will be able to see all reviews/ratings about vendors.

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