Workflow of Magento Marketplace extension

Magento Multiple Vendors Flow The Magento Marketplace is a multiple vendor extension. A vendor can easily create and manage their own account on the mobile friendly website. Vendors can easily add and manage their own products within the Marketplace.

Your Marketplace website will organically attract customers who will search and buy products. Sales will instantly be transferred to the Marketplace system and will add the money to the vendors account as credit. Vendors can then withdraw the money from their credit account and can access the money through banks or paypal at any time.

Vendors can manage orders, create shipments and ship products to customers all from a very easy to use management interface.

Customer can leave reviews/ratings for Vendors every time an order is placed, allowing for a very safe shopping experience for all.


Flexible Commission Calculation

Commission Rules

Marketplace owner can create multiple commission rules to charge vendors. In example marketplace owner charge $2 fixed price and 5% per each product sold.

Commission Conditions

Owner can use flexible conditions to filter products that will be applied by the commission rule.

Commission Action

The commission can be fixed price or percent of product price.


Supported Payment Methods

The Magento marketplace extension supports all the same payment methods as the standard Magento system. If you have any problems with your payment method please contact us for assistance.


Supported Product Types

These following product types are supported by the Magento marketplace extension:

  • Simple Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Virtual Product

Other product types will be supported soon.


Seller Groups

The Magento marketplace provides the ability to manage vendors by group. You can set up different commissions for each group e.g. Free vendor will need to pay 15% for each order, Gold vendors, who pay $100/month, will not need be charged any fee per order.

Manage vendor groups


Manage Seller Accounts

Manage Seller Accounts

The marketplace administrator can manage all sellers from Magento backend.

Edit Seller - Seller Dashboard

The marketplace administrator can view and edit the seller information.

On seller dashboard, marketplace owners can have an overview about the seller. Owners can also add/subtract credit for the seller from this.

Edit Seller - Seller Information

Marketplace owners can view or update seller account information from this section. Marketplace owners can design this from from admin panel using Manage Profile Form function.

Edit Seller - Seller Orders

Marketplace owners can see the list of orders of the current seller.

Edit Seller - Seller Products

All products of the current seller can be viewed from this section.

Edit Seller - Seller Transactions

Owner can easy see how seller get or spend credit from this section.

Edit Seller - Withdrawal Requests

In this section, owner can see all withdrawal requests of current seller with their status.


Manage Seller Attributes

Manage vendor atribute

Marketplace owners manage all seller's attributes from admin panel.

Manage vendor atribute

Owner can add new vendor's attribute to display on vendor registration page.Supported Attribute Type:Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, File.


Manage Profile Form

Owner can design the profile form of seller under My Account section of seller panel. Owner can just drag and drop fields or fieldset to sort them.

Manage Profile Form


Manage Registration Form

Same as Manage Profile Form, Seller can design the registration form of seller. He can just drag and drop fields or fieldset to sort them.

Manage Registration Form


Manage Credit Transactions

The marketplace owner is able to manage all credit transactions from all vendors.

Manage transactions


Manage Escrow Transactions

Manage escrow transactions

If the escrow feature is enabled, after customer pay for the order, the credit amount will be held in x days. The holding credit can not be used to withdraw or buy products from website.

View Escrow Transactions

While the fund is holding, admin can release it manually or cancel it.


Manage Withdrawal Requests

Manage Withdrawal Requests

Seller will submit withdrawal request from his seller panel to withdraw the funds. From admin panel marketplace owner will see all withdrawal request with it status.

View Withdrawal Request

Owner will view the request and transfer funds manually to seller or cancel the withdarwal request for some reasons.


Product Approval

Vendor's Product Approval

All newly added products may need to be approved by Admin before it can be published live to the marketplace website.

Vendor Product Configuration

Admins can disable the product approval from configuration.


Seller Register New Account

The marketplace extension allows sellers to register for an account to start selling products on the marketplace website. You can disable this feature from configuration as well.

As the Marketplace owner you can easily add new fields and sort fields on the registration form by adding new vendor attributes and design the registration form from the admin panel.

Seller Register New Account

Seller account is a customer account too, in order to create a seller account seller will go to customer registration link. Under customer registration form you will see new option to open a new seller account.

Seller Register New Account

After you check to the check box "Open seller account" the registration form will be displayed.


Responsive Seller Cpanel

The Multiple Vendor Marketplace Script allows vendor to manage their products and orders on any device from anywhere. This feature is very helpful for your vendors to manage their store.

Responsive Seller Panel


Seller Dashboard

From the seller dashboard, sellers will have an overview about their store. The seller will able to see the credit amount, total sales, last 5 orders, last 5 transactions, most viewed products, best sellers, ...

Seller Dashboard


Seller Credit Account

Each seller will have his own credit account. After a customer pays for an order, the money will be added to seller credit account. Sellers can see their credit amount on top right of seller panel.

Seller Credit Account


Seller Withdraw Funds

Seller can withdraw the money from his credit account to his Bank, Paypal,...

Seller Withdraw Money

Seller Withdraw Money

Click to the withdrawal methods that he want to withdraw funds to. Paypal and Wire Transfer is default withdrawal methods, You can add more withdrawal methods by creating new custom extension for it.

Seller Withdraw Money

In this step, seller will enter the amount that he want to withdraw and click continue. Seller can edit the bank account info by clicking to the edit link

Seller Withdraw Money

If seller has not enter his withdrawal account information, he will be redirected to seller configuration page.

Seller Withdraw Money

Review step before seller submit the withdrawal request.

Seller Withdraw Money

After seller submit the withdrawal request he will be redirected to the withdrawal requests page. Here all withdrawal requests are listed with their status.

Pending Credit Transactions

The seller credit may be held in x day before it is added to seller credit account. Pending credit can not be used to withdraw or buy products from website. Marketplace owner can enable/disable this feature from admin panel.

Pending Credit Transactions


Seller View Credit Transactions

From seller panel, seller can see all of his credit transactions. With this feature he will know how he spends or receives credit.

Seller View Credit Transactions


Seller Product Management

Seller Manages Products

A seller is able to manage his products from their seller panel. A seller "A" can not see products from seller "B".

Seller Edit Product

Sellers have full access to their products. Sellers products may need to be reviewed and approved by the administrator before they can be displayed on marketplace website.


Product Custom Options

Product Custom Otpions

Seller can add custom options for their products. Seller can set a price for each custom options to charge more fees to customer.

Product Custom Otpions Frontend

In this example customer will be able select the custom service from a drop downmenu.


Seller Manages Orders

Sellers are allowed to manage only their orders.They can see the list of orders. They can set the filter to get the orders they want.

Manage Orders

Vendors can view order information, add comments to order and create shipments for each orders.

View Order

View Order Invoices

View Order Shipments

View Order Credit Memos


Vendor Home Page

With the Vendor Home Page plug-in; seller will have their own page to display there products. This page will have the same design as the marketplace website and only display all seller's products and the seller profile.

Seller Home Page

Seller Home Page


Vendor Review / Rating

Vendor Review plug-in allows customer to leave a review for sellers after processing a purchase from that vendor. This review/rating will be seen by other customers. The vendor rating is shown on the vendors profile so customers can base their buying decisions on real reviews and ratings.

Vendor can view all reviews which customers left for them and ONLY the Admin can edit/delete vendor reviews.

Vendor review/rating

Vendor review/rating

Vendor review/rating


Vendor Message

With the Message plug-in customers can send messages to the vendor. Customer and vendor will get notification email when message arrives.

Customer sends message to seller

Customer can send message to seller from product detail page.

Customer sends message to seller

Customer can send message to seller from seller home page. (if the Vendor Home Page is installed.

Customer manages messages

Customer can manage messages from customer panel. He will be notified if there is a new message arrives.

Customer views message

Messages are grouped so customer can manage his messages easier.

Seller manages messages

Seller can manage all messages from his seller panel.

Seller views message


Vendor Membership

The Vendor Membership plug-in allows you to charge your vendors a monthly fee. Vendor can upgrade/renew his account by purchasing a packaged product. After your vendor pays for the membership package the account will be upgraded to corresponding group and the expiry date. If the vendor is already in the group, system will update the expiry date only.

This is one of top plug-ins that allows you make money from your vendors.

Edit vendor membership product

A membership package is a special product type with some additional options.

Membership Pricing Page

All membership packages will be displayed in membership page. Customer can add the package to the shopping cart and process checkout as normal product.

Seler dashboard membership info

Seller can easy see his current membership information from seller dashboard.

Seller view payment history

Seller can see the payment history that he paid for his membership account.


The Featured Products plug-in allows vendors to set products as `featured` and displays it on the seller homepage.

Add Featured Product

Vendor will just need to choose the product and set the feature from date and to date for it.

Home page featured products

The featured products will be displayed in seller home page.


Vendor Attribute Option

The extension allows seller to add more options for product attribute (dropdown or multiple select). This extension is very helpful, in example when vendor add new shirt with the color is not listed in the color attribute, Seller can click to Add option button to add new color option for color attribute. Admin will need to review and approve new option added by sellers. Admin can also allow some seller groups add options without approval from admin.

Admin can select attributes that he allow vendor to add new option, Admin can also set the Approved Group that all options is added from sellers in this group will not need for approvel.

Vendor Attribute Option - Configuration

Seller can add options for product attribute very easily.

Vendor add option for product attribute

Admin will get all requested options from seller. One admin approve the request, the option will be added to attribute automatically.

Admin manages requested attribute options

Admin can view the detail information of the request.

Admin view attribute option request


Vendor Reports

Vendor Reports plugin allows seller to obtain sales information. This is very helpful tool for sellers to conclusions about the status of their store.

Sales reports will provide for seller an overview about his sales.

Sales Reports

With Sales by Month of year, seller will see the report for each month of year.

Sales by Month of Year

Seller can view sales report by each day of week.

Sales by Day of Week

Seller can also view sales report by hour.

Sales by Hour

Products Ordered report.

Products Ordered Report

Low Stock report.

Low Stock Report


Vendor Categories

The Vendor Category plug-in allows vendor to manage and display products by categories. This will help the customer find products much easier.

Seller can manage his multiple level categories from seller panel.

Seller manages categories

The categories navigation will be display on all of seller pages.

Categories navigation


Vendor Multiple Flatrate Shipping

Vendor Multiple Flatrate Shipping allows each vendor can setup his own flatrate shippings

Seller can define his flatrates shipping fron seller panel.

Seller manages shipping rates

From front end checkout, customers will need to select the shipping method for each vendor products.

Customer select shipping methods from different vendors

Customer select shipping methods from different vendors


Search By Vendor

Search by Vendor is a plug-in of Magento multiple vendors extension which allows customers to search for products inside a vendors store. The search will only return products from current seller.

Search Box

Search result

Mass Import/Export Products

With Mass Import/Export Products plug-in, sellers can upload his product info in bulk from csv file.

Manage Images

Seller first will upload product images to use for importing.

Vendor Imports CSV Files

Seller can import products information from csv file. Seller can also delete products in bulk using this import function.

Vendor Import Queue

After seller submit the csv files, all product information will be added to the import queue.

Vendor Runs Import Queue

In this page seller can run the import queue and see the import progress.

Vendor Exports Products

Seller can export all of his products to csv file.

Price Comparison

The marketplace website may have some vendors which are selling the same products. Each vendor can have their own product pricing. The Price Comparison plug-in allows customers to compare prices from different vendors.

Select And Sell Button

In manage product page, seller can click to Select and Sell button to sell an exist product in marketplace website.

Select And Sell Product

In Select and Sell page, seller can find the product which he want to sell and click to Sell This Product button.

Enter product price and inventory

Seller will need to enter the price, and inventory information of the product to start selling it.

Price comparison

Customer can see all sellers that are selling the product with different price.


Advanced Group

With Advanced Group plug-in you can set limitations for each vendor group. For example, all vendors in the Bronze group can only add 20 products, Gold group can add 50 products ...

This is a helpful Magento plug-in of multiple vendors extension for you to set different tiered memberships.

Admin set permission for seller group

Admin can set permission for a seller group from admin panel.

Vendor is limited for adding products

Vendor is limited for cancel order


Banner Manager

The Banner Manager allows vendor to manage banners slider and add them to seller page. Seller can replace the static banner image in seller home page by a slider image.