Magento2 - Advanced Group

Magento2 - Advanced Group

Advanced Group is a plugin of Magento2 marketplace extension. With this, the marketplace owner can set limitations/privileges for each vendor group. For example, every vendors in group "Bronze" can add only 20 products and are not allowed to manage their own categories...This plugin combined with Vendor Membership will help the marketplace owner to make more money from his Membership program.

Version: 2.0.0

Compatible: Magento CE 2.1.x - 2.4.x

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How It Works

Advanced Group plugin creates inside each Vendor Group creating/managing page a new menu, which is called Advanced Option. By using this menu, the marketplace admin can set some limitations/privileges for the vendor group in order to make the Vendor membership program more attractive to vendor. This will encourage the vendor paying to become a part of higher vendor group for having more privileges.


Supporting Catalogs limitation

With the settings in Advanced Option > Catalogs, the admin can control if a Vendor Group's member can be allowed to add new product and limit how many new product can be added.


Supporting Sales limitation

Beside the limitiation in Catalogs Department, the admin can also create more limitation in Sales department for a Vendor Group including restriction in cancelling an order, in creating invoice/shipment/credit memo and in submitting comment...

Manage Static Block

Will be updated for more settings

This is not all the features of Advanced Group. In the future, this product will be updated for more settings and bring the admin the most powerful setting to control his vendor groups

Using Frontend App

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Changes Log

2017 April, 12th Release version 2.0.0 2018, May, 22th Release version 2.0.1 - Fix error while creating invoice in vendor panel. - fix vendors group save product - add permission to vendor domain extension. - add permission to the rest of modules.