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Magento2 - Vendor TAX

Magento2 - Vendor TAX

Vendor Tax plugin allows vendors to manage their own tax for their goods.

Version: 2.0.0

Compatible: Magento CE 2.1.x - 2.4.x

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How It Works

Vendor Tax will allow your vendor on the marketplace to define by theirself the new tax rate, tax class and tax rules for applying on their product. The marketplace owner also can manage the tax rate and detail created by vendors.


Flexible Tax Rules Management

Vendor Tax module is designed as the same way with Magento Admin Panel for using in Vendor Panel. The vendors will be able to set up tax classes for products, and create tax rules that combine product classes, tax zones, and rates. Tax classes and tax rates can be created right when creating tax rules, it helps vendors to save a lot of time in configuring the tax.

Tax Rules
Tax Classes

Product Tax Class

Vendor can create Tax classes to assign to products, and shipping. Magento analyzes the shopping cart and calculates the appropriate tax according to the class of the products in the cart, and the region (as determined by the customer’s shipping address, billing address or shipping origin). New tax classes can be created when a tax rule is defined.

Tax Zone and Rate

The Tax Zones and Rates tool enables the vendor to specify the tax rate for each geographical area from which they collect and remit taxes. Because each tax zone and rate has a unique identifier, the vendors can have multiple tax rates for a given geographic area (such as places that do not tax food or medicine, but do tax other items).

Tax Zone and Rate

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