Magento2 - Vendor Mass Import Export Products

Magento2 - Vendor Mass Import Export Products

Vendor Mass Product Import/Export is a plugin made for Vnecoms Marketplace extension, which allows the vendor to use a spreadsheet to create or update his products in bulk.

Version: 2.0.0

Compatible: Magento CE 2.1.x - 2.4.x

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How It Works

Using a spreadsheet is the fastest way to create or update products in bulk. A product import involves having all of your product information in a CSV file, which can be edited by a spreadsheet editor. Upon import, the column headers will be matched with the corresponding product attributes in Magento, and the product information will be updated accordingly.


Mass Product Import/Export is a plugin made for Vnecoms Marketplace extension using this methods. Vendor can import, edit, or delete products by exporting their existed products into a CSV file, copying the file and editing it in a spreadsheet editor (such as Excel), then re-importing the updated file back into their store. As a bonus, vendor will also now have a backup of their products!


Using csv file to import/export

In the both actions of importing and exporting, Mass import/export also use .csv file as the main spreadsheet file type to store the product's information, which can easily be edited by a spreadsheet editor (such as Excel) and support for many Stock management system.

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Using xls, xlsx file to import/export

For seller which does not have much knowledge in technical, You can pre-build import files in excel file which is much more easier for your seller to edit.

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Using queue to avoid corrupted importing

In order of importing a huge quantity of product, the product list will be added to queue when uploading csv file before being imported. This help the vendor can observe the importing process and quickly find the detail information about the error to fix.

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High speed and unlimited importing product

In the test environment, Mass Product Import/Export can handle the csv file with thousands of product in acceptable time without corruption. Depend on the server, the admin can limit the quantity of product can be imported at once.

Product Image Uploader and Management

This feature is used to upload and store product's image on system before importing product. This will be very useful if you doesn't store product's image on any online host.

Using Frontend App

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